11 Best Games For Creating A Family Dynasty


Want to build a strong family that will rule for many years? People can do that and more in these computer games.

And people have been very interested in family trees and families for hundreds of years. People have always been interested in the powers that come with the “right” name, from the wars that were fought in the past over who would be the next king or queen to the modern obsession with the British royal family.

Those who have power want to keep using it, while those who don’t want to get it for themselves. Even though most people aren’t crazy about building dynasties and family traditions in real life, many video games let players act out their desire to build a powerful clan or house and play out their fantasies. “It’s the family name that lives on,” Tywin Lannister once said.


Wildermyth is a great role-playing game that needs to be played by more people. At first look, the game’s cartoony art style might make gamers think that it’s just another tactical RPG, but there’s a lot more to Wildermyth than meets the eye. A mission lasts for a number of years, during which time the characters get older, stop going on adventures, and let their children take over.

Aside from this, you can add certain heroes to Wildermyth as Legacy heroes, which lets them get stronger and be used in later games as well. This, along with the different ways characters can change and grow, makes this game a great one to check out if you want to play through multiple epic missions with your favourite heroes and grow attached to them.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a game that doesn’t need an introduction. However, the game’s popularity had a rough start before it found its feet. Given how many extra packs have come out for this game over time, it’s easy to see why The Sims 4 is now one of the most complete and fun life simulation games out there.

In The Sims 4, a big part of the game is controlling households and either helping them get better or causing them to fail, if the player wants to go this dark way. A big part of what makes The Sims 4 such a fun game is that you can get married, have kids, and then move on to let the next generation take over.

Sunless Sea

Sometimes, all a game needs to keep fans interested for a long time is good writing and a fun game loop. So it is with Sunless Sea, a game that lets players go on dangerous expeditions to different places that are all pretty mysterious on their own. Together, the claustrophobic setting and nerve-wracking gameplay make for a truly unique and interesting experience.

After a series of great adventures, a player can choose to retire a captain and let their children take over. It’s a great and unique way to leave a mark in this dangerous world. But players should know that it’s not the most developed part of the game.

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Star Dynasties

Those who liked Dune are in luck. After Earth was destroyed, players in Star Dynasties take control of the leader of a feudal house in a world that is politically split. Players must work with rival aristocratic families and fight with them to make sure that their bloodline and faction become the most powerful in the galaxy.

Each game has a procedurally generated galaxy that is different from the last. And as time goes on, players must adapt to the traits of their children. As long as the world is stuck in a scientific dark age, technology won’t change and will seem strange. To stay on top, groups will fight over “pre-collapse” artefacts and information. This might be the right game for people who like a mix of Stellaris and Crusader Kings with a lot of political drama and murder.

Niche – A Genetics Survival Game

Niche gives players a chance to be their own version of Charles Darwin by forming their animal species using real genetic principles. Players have to work hard to protect their species from animals, changing weather, and the plague.

This turn-based strategy game is based on games like Spore and Don’t Starve. Players will be able to use more than 100 different genes to make their creature. Fun for people who want to use real science to try to make the “perfect” animal tribe and see if it can live.

The Guild 2

In the best simulation of life in the Middle Ages, players can go back to the 1400s and leave their mark. The character creation in The Guild 2 is very detailed, and players can choose from a wide range of jobs, such as priest, stonemason, or even thief.

Players will start families and watch as their family tree and power grow. In this mediaeval sim, everything happens in real time. So players can walk around and see what’s going on “every day.” A foe might be trying to set a nearby church on fire, or a player’s son might be about to be put to death for wooing the wrong woman (yikes). Even though it’s pretty old and has a follow-up (Guild 3). Guild 2 is still the favourite of fans and should be played at least once.


Saelig is a game that is similar to Banished but also has RPG, strategy, and business management features. It focuses on the player’s character and family as they try to build a powerful and profitable family.

Like in Guild 2, players can choose to start in a small village or a big city. Each has its own pros and cons and affects what jobs people can do. Even though Saelig has a few bugs and repeats itself, Basket Random is still a fun game of building a powerful family in a mediaeval world.


Have you ever wanted to pretend to be a wolf and raise wolf pups? WolfQuest gives players the chance to be a young grey wolf living in Yellowstone National Park’s northern area, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. As grey wolves, players have to hunt, travel, mate, and raise their own families.

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Once a litter is born, players must hunt for food, protect their pups, play with them. And help them grow up while handling a realistic simulation of the park’s ecosystem. There are a lot of surprises in the woods, and not all of them are good. Players have to protect themselves from other wolf packs, predators, and other dangers.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening is known as the game that got people interested in the Fire Emblem series again. It may be one of the easier games in the series. This is because players can turn off “permadeath” and because the game has interesting personalities and well-written relationships between them.

When two people get to the S rank in their relationship, they will get married if they can. But it’s important to remember that this can only happen. If the partners are different sexes and that only some mothers can have children. Even though the children aren’t picked at random, the different pairings of classes based on how the parents are paired up is a fun and interesting feature.

Rogue Legacy 2

Fight until you die, then fight again. In Rogue Legacy 2, players will explore 6 different biomes in a classic platform rogue-lite style. However, every time a character dies, players will continue as their children. Each generation gives players the chance to choose one of three kids from one of 15 different classes. Each kid has extra skills and traits. That can make the game more fun or make it harder in some ways.

There are different kinds of children to choose from, so players will be able to find the fighting style that they like best. Fans of the game also agree that the story is great because each memory or journal entry gives more information about the characters and background of the kingdom. Even though Rogue Legacy 2 is not a typical family legacy game. It lets players follow the story of the most determined family of dungeon crawlers.

Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3 tries to be the best mediaeval role-playing game ever made, just like its predecessor. Players take on the role of a count, duke, king, or emperor and have to lead their family and change the course of history by making their house the most powerful in all of Europe.

Because each character can follow a different culture, faith, and have different traits. There are many ways to get more power in the game. Players can use diplomacy and marriage to join strong clans, go to war, start new religions. Or even murder and backstab their way to the throne, and that’s just the beginning. The game also has mods that let players go to different times, like feudal Japan, the Bronze Age, or even Middle Earth, for different adventures.

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