5 Softwares Every Music Lover Needs

5 Softwares Every Music Lover Needs

Technology has revolutionized how we discover, listen to, collect, and engage with music. For music enthusiasts, specialized audio software provides capabilities that enhance and expand your musical passion. 

The right tools let you access vast catalogs, manage extensive libraries, finetune listening experiences, participate in communities, and even create your own mixes. Here are 5 essential software options every music lover should utilize.

Streaming Music Services

Streaming services grant unlimited on-demand access to tens of millions of songs, revolutionizing music consumption:


With its vast song catalog, playlists, sharing features, and accessibility across devices, Spotify is essential for music listeners. Subscribe to enjoy ad-free access anywhere.

Apple Music

Apple Music Lover integrates directly into the Apple ecosystem. Subscribers can stream over 100 million songs, download tracks for offline listening, and get smart recommendations.

YouTube Music

In addition to official songs and albums, unblock youtube music leverages user uploads for an unmatched selection of rarities, covers, and live music.


Audiophiles will appreciate Tidal’s library of over 70 million lossless-quality tracks for the ultimate fidelity experience.

For unlimited, on-demand music across all your devices, streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music and Unblocked YouTube Musicare must-have apps.

Media Players

Sophisticated media apps optimize music file management and listening while adding rich features:


One of the most versatile players, MusicBee offers tools to organize massive libraries, customize metadata, rip CDs, auto-tag, edit audio, assign ratings, convert formats, and sync to devices.


Foobar2000 is a lightweight and highly customizable player acclaimed for its operational efficiency and audio accuracy. Add advanced functionality through add-ons.

VLC Media Player

The hugely popular VLC plays just about any audio and video format ever created. Catalog and convert your library, enjoy visualizations, and easily stream to devices.


Plex does double duty as a media streaming platform and player. It organizes and streams your music and video collection to all your devices with slick apps and a beautiful interface.

Robust media apps like MusicBee and VLC provide the best listening experience while handling all your library management tasks.

Audio Editing Software

For musical creators, audio editing software is essential for recording, mixing, and producing tracks:


The free and open source Audacity is the most popular audio editor for its wide range of effects, analysis tools, and multi-track mixing capabilities.

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Apple’s GarageBand comes free on Macs and iOS devices, making music creation accessible for novices and experts alike. Pick up guitar and piano lessons too.

Logic Pro

For professional-grade mixing and production, Logic Pro offers an enormous creative toolkit packed with virtual instruments, loops, and studio effects to craft hits.

Ableton Live

Ableton’s unique session view turns music production into a live performance. It’s the choice of EDM creators and DJs for its real-time remixing capabilities.

Whether you’re a hobbyist producer or a seasoned audio engineer, audio editing tools like GarageBand and Audacity will unlock your creative potential.

Community Apps

The social side of music is part of the fun. Community apps connect you with fellow fans to discover new tunes and discuss favorites:


Find Discord servers dedicated to your favorite artists or genres and engage in active discussions through chat, streaming, and private channels.

Somehow if your Discord gets blocked,  you can easily unblock discord blocked my ip by connecting with their support to access Discord again.


Dive into the massive network of music subreddits covering every genre and era where users post news, memes, reviews, and recommendations.


Songkick scans your music library and alerts you when favorite artists announce shows in your area so you never miss a concert again.


Last.fm becomes your personalized internet radio station by recommending music based on your listening data and user-generated tags.

Don’t just listen alone – join the global music community online through social platforms like Discord and Reddit to meet fellow fans. 

Metadata Managers

Metadata provides the artist, album, year, genre and other info associated with tracks. Metadata tools automatically sort and tag your library:


Picard leverages the MusicBrainz database to accurately identify and tag all your digital music files by album, artist, year, genre, cover art, and more.


mp3tag is hugely customizable, allowing you to edit track info, embed album art, add custom tags, rename files, and automatically update metadata in batches.


For local files as well as large platforms like Spotify, TagScanner uses advanced algorithms to correctly tag music and assign album art by pulling metadata from online databases.

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Ex Falso

Ex Falso focuses on flexibility, allowing you to define tag naming conventions, set content rules, and write scripts to modify metadata in any way imaginable.

Clean, consistent metadata helps organize massive libraries. Tools like Picard and TagScanner eliminate tedious manual editing.


Music lovers have perhaps never had a richer array of software tools available to enhance their musical passion. Options like unlimited streaming services, online communities, and tagging tools literally put a world of music at your fingertips while elevating listening experiences.

 For both music consumption and creation alike, leveraging the right software unlocks opportunities to immerse yourself in the art form like never before possible. Any music enthusiast would benefit greatly from incorporating these indispensable software options into their digital life.

What are the benefits of a streaming music service?

Key benefits include unlimited on-demand access to vast catalogs removing the need to purchase songs, ability to download for offline listening, personalized playlists based on your tastes, high audio quality, and accessibility across multiple devices including phones, TVs, cars, and smart speakers.

Should I use a dedicated media player or the built-in apps?

Dedicated players like MusicBee offer far more functionality for managing and playing large libraries, but apps like iTunes work fine for more casual use. Serious music collectors need advanced media players.

Is editing audio difficult for beginners?

Modern editing software like GarageBand and Audacity are designed for all skill levels. They provide intuitive multi-track interfaces, built-in instruments and loops, and simple editing tools. With online tutorials, new creators can quickly learn the basics of audio editing.

What metadata should I tag my files with?

At minimum, ensure tracks are tagged with the correct song title, artist, album title, genre, year of release, and cover art. Additional info like composers, lyricists, record label, album producer, and custom tags can also be valuable.

Can I access my music if not connected to the internet?

Yes, media players work independently to play locally stored files. Streaming services allow you to download playlists and albums for offline listening without an internet connection too. Both options keep the music going anytime, anywhere.

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