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Sydney is a beautiful place to live and travel. It is favored by many tourists every year to explore and witness a good quality of life. With 2 million visits alone last year, the city has been as vibrant and lively as ever and is expecting to lead the way in job growth over the next few years.

Tourism is one of the most popular industries in Sydney as it is one of the oldest cultures, with proof dating back to nearly 60,000 years. A major contributor to Australia’s economy, the total tourism sales in Sydney alone was $9910 million.

Being the highest populated city in Australia, it is equipped with different modes of transportation for people to go from one place to another. Taxi has a major role in running this city’s culture and activities.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Taxi Market in Sydney
  • A Cultural Effect on Drivers
  • Use the Taxi App to Boost Your Taxi Business
  • Tap. Book. Pay.
  • Conclusion

Taxi Market in Sydney

The Sydney ride-hailing market is distributed among four top global companies—DiDi from China, alongside American giant Uber, Estonian company Bolt, and Indian-based Ola.

When compared to traditional taxis in Sydney, the hiring charge is $3.50 and $2.14 per kilometer after that. All four of these apps offer varied base prices and compensation for drivers.

Although it is listed as one of the most expensive cities to live in the world, the diaspora of people are fairly comfortable with the influx of businesses that are offering them cheaper rides than usual.

These businesses are taxi app-based startups such as 13cabs, Silver Service, or Ingogo. So, knowing the current market is important for newcomers who are out to start a taxi business rather than looking back to try new things for customers.

The people of Sydney, also called “Sydneysiders,” generally prefer to drive their car or take a bus, train or ferry if the commute distance is longer than usual. However, traditional taxis are useful for ride-sharing purposes and making short trips more affordable.

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The current fuel price in Sydney is 220.4 cents per liter. The chances of getting users via taxi business will be high since the user penetration using taxis is expected to hit 21.1% by 2026.

A Cultural Effect on Drivers

Different Australian states have different regulations for taxi driver registration and compliance. The same goes for Sydney, Australia. Most drivers in Sydney are often from Asia.

The average base salary of a Taxi driver in Sydney, NSW, is around $400 every day. At the moment, the only way a driver can double his or her earnings is to be on multiple platforms and create incentives as much as from different platforms.

The taxi industry in Sydney is booming at a high pace. After getting off a flight, taxis are a great option to catch up on emails and make calls while en route to your destination. They are conveniently located out the front of each terminal and only cost anywhere between $45 and $60.

A city that thrives on tourists who are prepared to sacrifice a small quantity of convenience. There is strong competition between online Taxi apps and traditional ride-hailing cabs. Inside the city, a Taxi is relatively easy to find, but the further you move away from the city, the more difficult it is to find one.

Give Your Taxi Business a Boost with the Taxi App

Start with the Taxi app that gives accurate estimates without much hassle and goes along with the will of the people to ride comfortably and safely.

It’s crucial to gain an advantage in the taxi industry. An app integrated with robust features and stellar functionality that connects both customers and business owners on one platform is a great way to create a win-to-win situation for you.

When planning to start a taxi business, do take into consideration the latest app developments. This will double the profits easily.

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Tap. Book. Pay.

A clone taxi app Sydney has the power to grab the market base in an instant. By leveraging the same technology and features, your business does not have to do market research. And user analytics will offer the same services like ride-hailing, ridesharing, and car rentals to the people of Sydney with base prices set as per your convenience.

It is a seamless process. You will have control with an admin web panel having God’s eye view over drivers and passengers.

Suppose you want your taxi business to offer “a safe, reliable, and value-for-money way to get around” to your customers. In that case, you can offer riders a 50% discount on their first four weeks of rides, or you can also try to win market share quickly in a new area that comes with an aggressive approach, such as sending tailored discount codes and offers. In the end, the customer needs the cheapest fair for their rides.

Business ideas like these disrupt the local taxi empire and market base with plans and features. They are bound to have positive feedback on the branding as well. Who knows maybe you can switch from taxi-hailing to food and grocery delivery like Uber Eats.


Instead of building a taxi app in Sydney, customize a 13cabs clone app, Silver Service clone app, or Ingogo clone app with the help of a clone app development company. With years of experience and expertise in the field. You can step into the taxi industry of Sydney with great enthusiasm and a white-labeled app that is customized as per your business name and color.

See the demo of the application that is present in the Android and iOS app stores. The on-demand Taxi culture in Sydney is looking to continue. Nor should your vision. Stay ahead of your rivals with the changing app market trends. Do not worry! You can grow your business with sustainable startup costs.

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