Dragon Fruit for Men: Increasing Vitality and Well-Being

Dragon Fruit for Men: Increasing Vitality and Well-Being

A Men’s Guide to Dragon Fruit – Boosting Vitality and Well-Being

While bananas, berries and citrus might get the most attention in grocery stores and recipes, it’s time to give dragon fruit its due. It’s a tropical treat that offers many health benefits.

This superfood is rich in iron and vitamin C, and is a powerful antioxidant. It also helps increase hemoglobin levels in the blood, which carries oxygen to all the cells of the body.

It’s a Powerful Antioxidant

Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants like lycopene and betalains. These are the plant pigments that give it its vibrant color and help protect against cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

Dragon fruits have a high fiber content which cleans out the digestive tract and helps prevent IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders. They also have prebiotics, which function as fertilizer for the good bacteria in your gut. Vidalista 40mg is a medication specially designed to combat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction

The fruit is also a great source of iron and vitamin C. Our bodies need iron to make red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body and vitamin C is essential for forming and repairing tissues. Deficiency of these nutrients can lead to conditions like anemia and scurvy.

It’s a Great Source of Iron

Dragon fruit is a great source of iron, which helps in red blood cell production. This in turn increases hemoglobin, a component of the blood that carries oxygen to different parts of the body. One cup of this tropical fruit fulfills 8 percent of the recommended daily iron intake. It also has vitamin C, which boosts iron absorption.

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You can easily add this fruit to your diet. Cut it in half, scoop out its flesh and blend with yogurt, milk, or a nut-based beverage like almond milk. Add some honey or sugar if you prefer, but don’t add too much as dragon fruit is already high in natural sweetness.

The seeds in this fruit are a good source of fiber and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which reduce cholesterol levels. It is an excellent fruit for pregnant women as it contains folate and vitamin B. This helps in the development of a fetus and combats postmenopausal symptoms.

It’s a Good Source of Magnesium

Known as pitaya in Asia and strawberry pear in South America, this tropical fruit grows on a cactus plant with spiky, pointy scales (the skin is edible but it’s easier to just peel away). The inside is a sweet, creamy white substance dotted with black seeds that are safe to eat.

Rich in magnesium, dragon fruit helps increase energy and regulate sodium, potassium and calcium levels. The mineral also promotes relaxation and healthy sleep patterns.

The vitamin C in dragon fruit boosts immunity, which is especially important for endurance athletes during heavy training cycles and just before big races. The antioxidants in this fruit also encourage the growth of good bacteria called probiotics that can help fend off harmful bacteria and viruses.

It’s a Great Source of Vitamin C

A one-cup serving of dragon fruit, which is also known as pitaya amarilla, provides 8% of the recommended daily intake of iron and a good amount of vitamin C (18). These two nutrients are essential for many functions in the body and may prevent deficiencies, such as anemia and scurvy. Visit AllDayawake for more information

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In addition to its iron and vitamin C, dragon fruit is a good source of prebiotics. Prebiotics promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut, which is important for a wide range of health benefits.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your consumption of vitamin-rich foods, give dragon fruit a try. You can eat it as-is or use it to add flavor and texture to smoothies, playa bowls, and other healthy dishes. Just make sure to purchase ripe dragon fruit that is brightly colored and feels firm to the touch. It should also smell sweet and be free of mold or rotting spots.

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