How Do I Claim Delay Compensation From American Airlines?

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When you are traveling, a delayed or a canceled flight is something that you dread. However, such occurrences are common. That’s why American Airlines provides you  compensation in such situations.

So, gp through the piece of writing here and know about the AA flight delay compensation.

Does American Airlines Provide Flight Delay Compensation?

Yes, you can get compensation from American Airlines if your flight is delayed. As an American Airlines flight delay compensation, you are entitled to get up to €600. However, it is applicable if your flight was overbooked or canceled/delayed for at least 3 hours.

What is American Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy?

Before you claim for a compensation for your delayed AA flight, go though its flight delay compensation policy highlights –

  • If your AA flight is delayed by over 3 hours, you can raise a compensation request.
  • The airline doesn’t compensate if the delay is because of weather conditions.
  • You must provide valid documents to get the compensation. These documents include your travel date, time, flight number, and receipts for money spent because of the delay.
  • If you decide not to travel on the flight that the airline provides you after the flight delay, you can claim for compensation.

Please note

To have clarity about the policy, contact AA customer service team.

How to Get Compensation For an American Airlines Flight Delay?

To get compensation when the flight is delayed, check your eligibility with American Airlines. You can get in touch with the airline through phone call, website, email, etc. here’s how you can start with the compensation process – 

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Through compensation form

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Click on the Manage Booking option.
  • Enter the following details –
    • Reservation and Ticket Number
    • Your last name
  • Proceed to Search my reservation option.
  • Go through the flight details.
  • Follow the prompts
  • Tap on the link form that says Claim for Compensation.
  • Enter the carefully filled in American Airlines form.
  • Submit.

Once the airline receives your form, a customer service executive will get in touch with you. Thereafter, your compensation process starts once you are found eligible for it.

By contacting American Airlines customer service team

Calling the customer service of AA is the best and fastest way to contact the airline for your compensation claim. Simply dial 800-433-7300 and get in touch with a live representative.

Share your booking details and request compensation for the flight delay. The executive will  help you with claiming after checking that you are eligible to claim it.

However, American Airlines change flight option is provided in case of flight delays. The airline accommodates you on the next flight available without extra charges. Thereby, facilitating you to reach your destination at the earliest possible even after the delay caused by it.

Wrapping Up

Therefore if your AA flight is delayed because of the airline, you need not worry. American Airlines either provides you another flight, close to your departure time or compensate you for it. However, check your eligibility criteria for it and proceed accordingly. For more information, get in touch with the airline’s customer service executives.

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