IMAP Emails migration to Office 365 step-by-step

IMAP Emails migration to Office

There are several users who want to migrate their IMAP emails to Office 365 as soon as possible. Now, for that, users are searching online for IMAP email migration to Office 365 step by step. The task is difficult for the users as it requires a lot of technicalities, but with professional third-party tools, it can be done easily. Since Office 365 has been launched, every user is keen to shift all their data to Microsoft 365.

With its astonishing security feature and subscription plan, the platform has impressed many users. Now, users are relying on this platform to keep their data safe and secure, which most emailing platform does not offer. One of the prime reasons for this migration task is that Office 365 is a universal platform. Therefore, users who are working from different places will be able to access the data from anywhere, anytime, and through any device.

Microsoft 365 pays for storage, so users are stress-free for their data security, as they can buy the storage as per their requirement. Many users are new, and they are not aware of how to perform email migration to Office 365 tasks. Hence, for them, the professional third-party tool will be the best option.

If users want to begin the task, they are asked to go with the Shoviv IMAP to Office 365 migration tool. It is one of the popular software that one can rely on, and users with non-technical backgrounds will be able to run the task smoothly. Talking about the utility, it makes the procedure easy for non-technical users as it has a strong interface. The tool will guide the users throughout the task and make the migration process successful.

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The software will easily migrate IMAP emails from the entire emailing client i.e. Yahoo, Gmail, and iCloud. The IMAP to email migration process will be completed in a single go without consuming much time. There is no size limitation, so users can add various mailboxes at once to migrate their data. Users will be able to schedule the migration task, and the procedure will be commenced whenever they want.

With the filter option, users will be able to migrate the data based on folder criteria and date range. The tool synchronized with all the Windows operating systems. After the whole procedure is completed, the tool will prepare the live report so that users can go through every step. Users can also download the free trial version if they are unsatisfied with the above-cited features. The free demo version will display the working of the tool and how the procedure IMAP emails migration to Office 365 will begin.

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