How to Save Email as MSG File in Mac Outlook?

save email as MSG file in Mac Outlook

If you are having problems exporting OLM files into MSG format, then this article provides you with two methods to save email as MSG file in Mac Outlook. The techniques are described in a simple way that is easy to follow.

Microsoft created many file formats to save different data. Among them are OLM and MSG files. OLM files are Mac Outlook files that are used to export data. On the other hand, MSG files store single Windows Outlook data. Both files are used in their own programs, i.e., OLM is only used in Mac Outlook and MSG is used in Windows Outlook. Due to this, it is not easy to migrate the files.

Why Transfer OLM Messages in MSG Format?

It is good to export your Mac Outlook emails to another file format, as it makes them easily accessible and saves the messages for any loss or future use. Same in this case by migrating the emails in MSG file format. You can protect your data, and you don’t need Mac Outlook to open the files.

Methods to Save Email as MSG File in Mac Outlook

There is no direct way to move the emails from OLM to MSG, as both files are used in different systems and programs. So, we have to use indirect techniques to convert them. In this, we use a manual method where we export the emails in Windows Outlook using an IMAP-connected Gmail account. Then use the drag-and-drop method to change into MSG files. It has more disadvantages than advantages.

So you can use another method, a software one. It is better than the manual way because it has very few limitations but many amazing features. Thus, to convert the files, two techniques are available.

  1. Manual technique: first transfer OLM emails into Windows Outlook and then by drag and drop change into MSG.
  2. Automated Technique: convert OLM directly to MSG with the help of software.

Manual Technique to Save Email as MSG File in Mac Outlook

This method is divided into four steps.

  1. Configure an IMAP-connected Gmail account with Mac Outlook.
  2. Move the emails into the added Gmail account.
  3. Add the same Gmail to Windows Outlook.
  4. Drag emails and drop them on the desktop.

Step 1: Configure IMAP Enabled Gmail Account with Mac Outlook

To enable IMAP, sign in to the Gmail account and go to the settings option. In Forwarding and POP/IMAP, select the enable IMAP radio button and then save changes. Now, add this account to the Mac Outlook program.

  • Open your Mac Outlook program and go to Preferences.
  • Click on Accounts, then the + option to add the account. Select New account.
  • Now enter your IMAP-connected Gmail email and Continue.
  • Type the password and Add account. After that, the program automatically configures your account.
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Step 2: Move Emails into Added Gmail Account

After completing the first step to save email as an MSG file in Mac Outlook, you can now migrate the emails you want into Gmail.

  • First, create a folder by clicking the Label option in your Gmail account to move the emails that you desire.
  • Now select the emails from Mac Outlook and right-click them.
  • Click on the Move option, and then go into the folder that you have created.
  • Similarly, move other emails in the same way.

Step 3: Add Same Gmail Account to Windows Outlook

When you successfully move all the emails into the Gmail folder, we now configure the same account in Windows Outlook.

  • Open the Windows Outlook program and select the File option.
  • Select Add Account and enter your address and password.
  • Click on the Connect option. After that, Outlook will automatically connect to the account. Now, import all the emails that you have migrated into Outlook.

Step 4: Drag and Drop Emails on the Computer

At last, we select all the files and save them to your desktop. With this, you have successfully save email as MSG file in Mac Outlook.

  • Go to the folder where your emails are stored in Windows Outlook.
  • Select one of them, drag it, and drop it onto the desktop.
  • The file will change into MSG format. Again, select one and drag and drop it to the desktop.

Once you have converted all the files, store them in a folder. so that it becomes easy to manage the files.

Limitations of Manual Technique

This method is available for free, but it is not applicable if you have not installed Outlook. There are other disadvantages as well.

  • This method is a time-consuming process. as it is lengthy.
  • Chances are there to lose your data during the process.
  • There can be compatibility issues.
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Automated Technique to Save Email as MSG File in Mac Outlook

To easily convert your files without any issues. MSOutlookTool OLM Converter Tool is the best way. Here, you can directly convert your OLM emails into MSG in just a few minutes. It also batch exports the files with attachments. Moreover, the software has other features.

Features of Software

  • It converts your OLM files into multiple file formats, like PST, EML, PDF, MBOX, and more.
  • You can choose the name of your converted file from the naming convention option.
  • Export selected emails from the date filter option.
  • Preserve your folder hierarchy during the process.
  • The software has various modes to preview your files, such as HEX, MIME, HTML, properties, etc.

Steps to Convert OLM Files into MSG Files

  1. Download and open the software.
  2. Now, click on the Add file option, and then open the OLM emails. After that, click on the Add file option.
  3. After clicking, the software starts the scanning process. Wait for it to finish, and then press the Yes or No button to save the scanned files.
  4. Preview your files in different modes and click on the Export option to convert all the files.
  5. If you want to convert selected emails, select the emails and click on the Export Selected option.
  6. Click on the MSG file extension from the export type option. Click on the Advance option.
  7. Select a name from the Naming Convention option, and in the Date Filter option, set a date to export selected emails. Press Save.
  8. Click on the Browse button and provide a location for the place you want your files to be.
  9. Click on both the Maintain Folder Hierarchy and Ignore Folder Systems options. Hit Export.

Note: If you want to convert OLM files into Windows Outlook files, then try the OLM to PST Converter software.


MSG files and OLM files are both different types of file formats. But still, some users want to save email as MSG file in Mac Outlook. That’s why, in this article, we explain two techniques: manual and software, to convert your files. With the many limitations of the manual way It is better to use software as it directly converts the files, which makes the user’s work easier.

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