The Benefits of Curved Gaming Monitors for Racing Games and Simulators

curved gaming monitor

Are you wondering if a curved gaming monitor is the right choice for your gaming setup? If yes, you are in the right place! 

Curved gaming monitors offer a unique immersive experience that enhances gameplay and provides several benefits over traditional flat-screen displays. But are they really worth all the hype? Let’s check it out!

What is a curved monitor?

The term “curved monitor” is pretty self-explanatory. Unlike flat monitor screens, these monitors come with curved edges. The inspiration behind curved monitors comes from no place other than our very own “human eye“. 

These monitors have gained immense popularity in recent years. From gaming to simulators, the immersion and depth that a curved monitor offers are nowhere near the traditional flat-screen experience. 

Thanks to the curved-edge display, these monitors also result in less distortion. With a wide viewing angle, you see everything in detail. These displays are also easy to look at. So, you won’t be facing eye strain even after long working hours. 

With colour accuracy, precision, and attention to detail, curved monitors make the best gaming monitors. Not sure how? Have a look at the points mentioned below! 

Enhanced Field of View

One of the primary benefits of curved gaming monitors is the enhanced field of view (FOV) they provide. The curvature of the screen wraps around the player’s peripheral vision, creating a more immersive and realistic gaming experience. 

In racing games and simulators, this increased FOV allows players to have a better sense of speed, depth perception, and situational awareness. It helps them spot opponents, obstacles, and turns more easily, giving them a competitive edge. 

Improved Depth Perception

Racing games are very similar to real-life racing. High-speed chasing is one thing, but a racer also needs to keep an eye on his competitors, estimate their speeds, and get his game on point. 

When playing via a screen, the extent to which you can immerse yourself in the game depends on the quality of your gaming monitor. For instance, getting an OLED screen will offer a much better viewership experience than an LCD or LED screen. Similarly, getting a curved monitor will be a much better option than getting a flat display. 

Curved gaming monitors offer improved depth perception compared to flat-screen displays. The design of the screen helps create a more natural and realistic representation of distance. This makes it easier for players to know the positions and distances of objects within the game. 

Immersive Gaming Experience

Who better knows the importance of focus than gamers? Especially if you are into racing or simulator games, even a split-second delay can make you lose the game. 

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A casual user can afford to take minor breaks from the screen. But for a gamer, there’s nothing worse than losing attention! 

On a traditional flat screen, there is a higher risk of losing focus due to distractions from side walls or other elements in the background. When your eyes shift away from the centre of the screen, even for a moment, you may miss important details or lose track of your in-game surroundings. Talk about frustrating, right? 

With a curved gaming monitor, you don’t have to face this issue. The design of the screen ensures that you have a more immersive field of view.

This means you no longer need to keep your eyes attentive and still at all times. Even with a slight deviation, you will have a clear view of the game at the edges of the screen. So, you can maintain focus on the gameplay regardless of where your eyes are positioned on the display. 

Reduced eye strain

Curved gaming monitors are designed to match the natural curvature of the human eye, which can help reduce eye strain during long gaming sessions. 

The uniform distance between the screen and the viewer’s eyes minimises the need for excessive eye movement, resulting in a more comfortable viewing experience. 

This is particularly beneficial for racing game enthusiasts and simulator users, who often spend extended periods in front of the screen. 

Wide viewing angle 

Curved gaming monitors offer wider viewing angles compared to flat-screen displays. This means that even when sitting off-centre, players can still enjoy a distortion-free and immersive gaming experience. 

In racing games where quick reactions and precise movements are required, having a wide viewing angle ensures that the gameplay remains smooth and consistent, regardless of the player’s position in front of the monitor. 

The best curved gaming monitors in 2023 

It is no surprise that curved gaming monitors are undoubtedly the best choice for fast-paced gamers. But how do you select the best monitor for you? 

With hundreds of options available in the industry, it can become daunting for anyone to pick the perfect product. That’s why we have listed the best gaming monitors that you can get in 2023. 

1. LG Quad HD (38GN950)

  • 5 in. screen size, 3840 x 1600 
  • Response Time: 1 ms 
  • Aspect Ratio: 21:9 
  • Refresh Rate: 160 Hz 
  • UWQHD+ Nano-IPS Curved Display 
  • 450 cd/m² brightness (HDR 600) 
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio 
  • HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C Connectivity 

The LG Quad HD is a truly exceptional gaming monitor. The whopping screen size of 37.5 inches adds an extra layer of drama to your gaming experience. You can watch every little detail within the game easily thanks to its Quad HD display technology. 

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Featuring a refresh rate of 160 Hz, this monitor is perfect for fast-paced gamers. From racing to simulators, the LG (38GN950) always stays up to the beat! 

Not only this, but the monitor is also both G-Sync and Free-Sync compatible. So, you don’t need to worry about CPU compatibility while purchasing this monitor. 

2. ASUS TUF Gaming (VG32VQ1BR)

  • 5 in. screen size, 2560 x 1440 
  • Response Time: 1 ms 
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 
  • Refresh Rate: 165 Hz 

The ASUS TUF (VG32VQ1BR) is another hot pick for all gaming enthusiasts. The TUF series is especially designed by ASUS with gamers in mind. Hence, it covers almost every requirement of a fast-paced gamer. 

Starting with the screen size, the 31.5-inch area is big enough to give an immersive experience and still compact enough to easily fit within your gaming setup or docking station. 

Next comes the refresh rate. The 165 Hz refresh rate is truly exceptional. With this gaming monitor, the lag between action and display is minimal. As soon as you enter a command, you’ll see it happening right in front of you. 

3. MSI MPG (9S6-3CC05T-010)

  • 27 in. screen size, 2560 x 1440 
  • Response Time: 1 ms 
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 
  • Refresh Rate: 165 Hz 
  • WQHD Curved Display 
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro 
  • 550 cd/m² brightness, 3000:1 contrast ratio 
  • HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-Type C 

If you are looking for a reliable, super-fast, and affordable curved gaming monitor, the MSI MPG (9S6-3CC05T-010) is for you! The monitor comes at a cost of less than £500, making it one of the cheapest curved monitors that you can get in 2023. 

The best part about this monitor is that you don’t have to compromise on any feature to get a cheaper price. The super-fast refresh rate of 165 Hz lets you experience the gaming action as if you were actually there. 

The AMD FreeSync Premium Pro is also built into this device. That means you get full HDR support and tear-free gaming experience. The only catch is that this monitor isn’t compatible with G-Sync technology, so if your computer has a NVIDIA graphics card, you might have to miss out on this amazing monitor. 


Curved gaming monitors provide numerous benefits for racing games and simulators. From an enhanced field of view and improved depth perception to an immersive gaming experience and reduced eye strain, these monitors elevate gameplay and take it to a whole new level. 

Whether you’re a casual racing game enthusiast or a serious simulator user, investing in a curved gaming monitor can greatly enhance your overall gaming experience and give you a competitive edge. 

Have a good day!

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