The Role of Engine Block Heaters:


Considering the example of a person who has been working with power generators for quite some time now, it won’t be hard for them to figure out the answer to the question, what are block heaters? What is their role in a generator? But for those of us who aren’t as aware as generator experts, block heaters might not sound familiar, don’t you think so? In case you’re planning to buy a brand new industrial or commercial generator, you must be aware of the variety of different roles that are performed by each component in a generator. Therefore, this article is specially written to provide you with all the information that might be useful regarding the block heaters in a generator. Could you keep reading to know all about them?

Importance and maintenance of block heaters

Block heaters are among one of the most essential components in a power generator. These heaters are responsible for maintaining the internal temperature of the generator once it starts. It helps keep all the other parts warm because colder temperatures would attract inefficiency. They also prevent the generator engine’s oil from becoming thick and save a lot of damage.

For their maintenance, all that is needed is the absence of hard water around the heater. It is recommended that the outer rubber should be replaced with a new one after three years of usage. Not only this but the block heater must also be checked once a week to be drained. As far as its cleaning is concerned, one must schedule a proper cleaning once every two years.

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Functions of a block heater

Moving on to the main part, what does a block heater do? Every generator part has its function to perform. A block heater is supposed to balance out the pressure that is pressed on other systems that are functioning inside a genset. This pressure is mostly caused by the batteries, which eventually begin to drain as their capacity decreases, making it difficult for the generator to run smoothly, and that is what block heaters aim to control. Not only this, but they are also responsible for discouraging and reducing harmful emissions and engine wear so that the genset supplies electricity very conveniently. With the help of a block heater, the generator restores its normal temperature almost immediately, ensuring that the fuel is easily burnt. This encourages the generator to function efficiently for a longer period than usual.


If you have already finished reading everything mentioned above, are you confident you know what block heaters are and how important they are in a generator set? We bet you have all the knowledge that you will need. So, are you ready to buy your commercial generator now? We bet you are! If you’re looking for a highly reliable genset retailer, search no further because Gen Power USA is the one you want. Call them at 1-888-819-5646 and buy your power generator as soon as possible!

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