Tips for promoting your catalog of publications at editorial events

In the last year, eBook sales increased by more than 50% in Spain and in Latin America it grew by 40%. Without a doubt, digital evolution is coming closer and closer to enriching the publishing industry and making a change in the business model that we know until now. A new business model adapted to the new reading habits of our readers, that is, digital reading. This does not mean that the printed book will cease to be the focus of the industry, neither now nor in a long time, but it is necessary to find a balance between the classic way of reading and how the new generations are now reading. The question is how do I make them able to coexist? There are many ways to ensure that digital and print live harmoniously, for example, editorial events are the ideal place for both to coexist and increase your sales thanks to having reading options adapted to different types of readers. Years of experience in The classic publishing industry, participating in many events, gives enough experience to know how to sell large numbers of printed editions at book fairs, but now a new challenge arises: how to promote my catalog of digital publications at publishing events?

Book formatters manage everything from page margins and paragraph spacing to font choices and chapter titles with an eye for detail. They ensure that your book looks professional and meets industry standards. Book formatters ensure that your words are beautifully presented, letting your content to shine through, whether you’re publishing a novel, a non-fiction work, or a textbook.

Tips to promote your catalog of digital publications at editorial events

  • Provide an incredible viewing experience for your catalog on all devices, which is why it is important that you have a tool that allows you to display your catalog in a responsive manner. You can also provide temporary access with just one click during editorial events. It is essential so that your future clients are amazed by the quality of reading that you can offer them.
  • Make your titles easy to view and organized by carousels, so it will be easier for your potential client to find the publications in your catalog that really interest them.
  • Provide the possibility for your potential clients to download your own application with your publications on their iOS and Android mobile devices. With an App you can also be able to show them without depending on the event connection.
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What are the advantages of having your own e-commerce with my digital publications?

Having your own e-commerce with your Digital Publications is essential to complement your traditional business model and also boost your profits without having to make large investments. Selling your Digital Publications through an E-Commerce will help you connect more with your reader. This will mean that he can access your content 365 days a year at any time. According to Forbes Magazine, the Internet has more than 350 million active users, this increases the possibilities of any traditional sales option. The best thing about your publications being digital is that as soon as they buy it, they will have access to them “magically”.The metadata that you offer in your digital publications store will also be essential, since 50% of users research a product on the web before purchasing it, this is why it is essential that you provide all the information in your digital publications and thus convince your reader to acquire your editions.

Essential for visitors to your virtual library to make a decision.

Demonstrating the enriched experience, you can offer your readers when purchasing your publications For this, it is important that you show part of your catalog for free, it can be pages, entire publications or complete editions, the important thing is that the reader understands the advanced experience that you offer and can also share this content and that more readers reach to your Virtual Library. Having your own e-commerce with your digital publications helps you reach your publications around the world with just a few clicks. Additionally, being able to charge in different currencies and with various payment methods will help you increase your profits. The possibility of remarketing is another advantage that you will have with your own virtual store of digital publications. Creating a children’s book is a labor of love, and it’s the role of a skilled childrens book editors to ensure that every word and illustration is carefully crafted to captivate and inspire young readers. These editors understand that the world of children’s literature is a magical realm where words and pictures come together to ignite imaginations. Using Google and Facebook pixels you will be able to know the behavior of your users in your Library and also who purchases coming from your Google and Facebook ads campaigns or through organic traffic. You can categorize your digital publications in carousels and make your reader find more what you want in your own E-Commerce is easier than in a common bookstore. Having an e-commerce with your own publications will help you increase your profits and have a new business model with your publications without having to invest a lot.

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