Top 10 Best Zombie Survival Horror Games


Some of the most popular PC and platform games are zombie survival horror games, and these are the ones you need to play.

Zombie survival horror games are some of the scariest games you can play. They are a popular subgenre of both survival games and horror games. From independent horror to some of the biggest horror titles we know, zombies come in all shapes and sizes (and pieces…).

No matter if you like your zombies fast and crazy or slow and clumsy, there are a lot of different kinds of zombies in video games today. It’s hard to decide what to play these days because there are so many zombie games and zombie DLC packs. So, we at TheGamer made a list of the ten best zombie survival games for all platforms.

Project Zomboid

There are a lot of zombie survival games that are about stealing, making things, and protecting yourself. It is a genre that has been done to death and includes fairy, prehistoric, and mediaeval stories. But Project Zomboid does well where other games fail to change. Instead of the usual first-person hyper-realism, Project Zomboid looks more like pixel art from the top down.

In a harsh post-apocalyptic world, you must loot, craft, protect, and stay alive, just like in most games in this genre. How long will you last? Will you get stronger or die from the zombies?

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is great if you liked the Left 4 Dead series.Killing Floor 2 is a more colourful and otherworldly take on co-op wave survival. Up to 6 players can work together to fight zombie waves, or up to 12 players can fight in a versus mode where you can even play as a zombie.

This game’s zombies are more colourful and creative than those in your typical zombie horror game. They look more evil and come in a variety of classes. You and your friends will need to use everything at your disposal to kill wave after wave of crazy zombies.

Call of Duty: Zombies (Black Ops IIII)

Call of Duty is already one of the most popular shooting series, with games that sell well year after year, no matter what people say about them. You would think that would be enough. Well, it’s not. Activision took it a step further by adding a zombie mode that became a staple of every Call of Duty game.

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When scary zombies and Call of Duty’s fast-paced action were put together, it made for an exciting game. In Call of Duty Black Ops III Zombies, the latest version of the sub-game, you must fight off zombies to find a dangerous magical power. The story and feel of the game are still crazy and weird.

Left 4 Dead 2

Left for Dead 2 is a zombie horror game that is popular outside of Portal, DOTA, and Counter-Strike. It is one of Valve’s most popular games outside of those three. This game was made to be played with other people. It comes after Left 4 Dead, which was one of the most popular co-op games of 2008.

You can work with up to three friends to try to escape each wave of enemies. Work together to move forward and have a great time doing it.

Dead Island Definitive Collection

Sounds great, doesn’t it? An island with sand beaches and an open bar. Normally, the zombie apocalypse ruining your tropical holiday would be a shame, but in Dead Island, it gives you a fun, huge sandbox to hack and slash your way through hordes of zombies.

You can now get the definitive copy of Dead Island, which includes both the fully remastered versions of Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, as well as all of the DLC for both games.

Dying Light

Have you ever wanted to combine running with killing zombies? Well, this game is for you if you are interested in that rather narrow subject. Dying Light combined two different things to make a zombie survival game we didn’t know we needed. You must get around the city and fight zombies and people using your crazy parkour skills, a wide range of weapons, and a lot of vehicles.

Another game that will get a sequel in the next few years is this building-hopping modern favourite. Now is the time to play or re-play it.

Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 is the fourth game in a series of zombie games that people love. This game takes a different approach to the zombie horror genre by making the zombie apocalypse more of a joke. This doesn’t mean there aren’t hordes of flesh-eating zombies waiting to eat you for dinner. Instead, this game is funny because of its story, writing, and ridiculous arsenal of weapons.

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Fight your way through hundreds of zombies while unlocking crazy weapons and EXO suits as you explore a huge open world. Penalty Kick Online game also lets up to four people play together online, which means you can have hours of fun with your friends.

The Walking Dead (Telltale)

The Walking Dead is a long-running series from Telltale Games that has been through a lot of good and bad times. Telltale Games got a lot of attention when the first season of The Walking Dead came out all the way back in 2012. This game is a must for anyone who loves a good story. It has great storytelling, choices that have painful consequences, and people you really care about.

It was thought that The Walking Dead Final Season would never be released because Telltale Games shut down. But thanks to Skybound Entertainment, we get to see the end of a great game made by a company that has been having problem.

Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

The remake of Resident Evil 2 is the best example of a current scary game. By rebuilding a famous game from the ground up, Capcom has given it a new lease on life without bringing back its old problems. We’ve never seen zombies like this. Zombies that look very real and take damage where you shoot them. Cutting off limbs in a strategic way has never been so rewarding.

Aside from how cool the zombies look, this game is one of the creepiest ones out there. Even if you’ve played Resident Evil before, this game will still scare you. The sound design is so good that it will scare you before you even find the zombies.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is on many lists of games to play because it is one of, if not the best game of our time. It has a perfect post-apocalyptic world and really creepy zombies, but its story, character growth, and world building are what make it stand out. We’ve all jumped a mile when we made a mistake and a bunch of clickers came after us.

Since The Last of Us 2 is coming out soon, now is a great time to play or re-play this modern favourite. The Last of Us is one of the best zombie survival games because it has a great story, a lot of weapons, and really scary gameplay.

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