West London property refurbishment found far more impressive by women compared to men…?

Simon Hicks, an estate agent in West London, says that in his experience there is a clear division between the sexes when it comes to whether they see a newly refurbished West London property as more favourable than a non-refurbished West London property.

“When it comes to property refurbishment in West London, men are inclined to disregard this concern and focus purely on the potential of the living space and how it might be altered.” Mr. Hicks said.

“Women on the other hand are completely different creatures, as we know, and traditionally they are sticklers for new carpet, a good paint job and modern, practical, stylish fixtures and fittings.” He stressed.

Property refurbishment in West London has always been valuable business for building firms; not just because it enhances the dweller’s enjoyment of his or her home, but because of the ever-changing fashions too.

Many developers who are looking to make a swift sale will use a property refurbishment in West London areas to assist.

Simon Hicks said: “If one of these West London properties has undergone a property refurbishment, it makes my job much easier.”

“With married couples you often find that it is the woman who wears the trousers, and if she is impressed with the aesthetic brought by a property refurbishment in these West London areas where I operate, then I am that bit closer to closing the deal.”

Clinton Foakes, who runs a building company of the same name in and around the Kensington and Chelsea area of West London, said: “The idea that women respond more positively than men to property refurbishment is a curious finding.”

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“I guess from our point of view it doesn’t really matter whether a property refurbishment happens before a home changes hands or after – as long as we have got the contract” He quipped. 

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